Multi-Strain Flu Treatment & Prevention with Homeopathy, Part 2

Posting Date:  Feb 24, 2020

We are radically being exposed to multiple flu viruses and other viruses many times more than nature has ever intended or genetically prepared us to endure. Air and other mass travel, schools and more people in close working conditions is one major aspect. The other major aspects that most are not speaking about are serious problems with the flu immunizations. Flu shots and nasal mists create shedding of the viruses for approximately 28 days. Shedding of the viruses enter into the environment and get passed to everyone breathing the shared air. This is creating an abnormal, unnatural, excessive exposure and an assault of flu viruses that goes way beyond our innate ability to withstand.

I was personally the posterchild for viral sensitivity growing up. I would get the flu in all seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter. I was also diagnosed with chronic viruses like the Epstein-Barr, and Human Cytomegaloviruses in my 20’s and early 30’s. Through homeopathy, nutrition and lifestyle, I have become naturally strengthened and resistant to viruses, now in my upper 60’s and have helped so many people do the same. I have more energy now than ever, resistant to the flu and if I ever get the flu that may be about every 10 years, it is gone over night or the next day.

In addition to the multi-strain flu remedies I shared in Part I, there are some more homeopathic remedies for acute viruses to help overcome those acute bugs that are being multiplied in our environment. These homeopathic remedies also help us develop a natural resistance to the wide assault of viral exposures. Homeo-prophylaxis is a proactive approach in homeopathy that helps build our immunity and prevent susceptibility to the enormous increase in viral exposures so prevalent in our environment today.

Under the homeopathic influenzinum‎ remedy, we add the latest stains of the flu from the CDC that are being spread throughout our society with the shedding of the flu shots and mists. Homeopathic influenzinum, covered in our “Influenza Part 1” article, helps us develop an inner resistance to the new strains of flu we are being exposed to, whether we take the flu shot or not. Here are some new additional homeopathic remedies that have also passed the tests of time for both safety and efficacy and additionally passed the tests of adversity from Big Pharma and the medical monopoly.

Aconitum napellus: (Boericke) (Monkshood) For acute, sudden and violent invasion with fever. Relief of sudden and great sinking of strength; inflammations; inflammatory fevers; influenza. Relieves physical and mental restlessness.

Belladonna: (Boericke) (Deadly Nightshade) Associated with hot, red skin, flushed face, delirium, restless sleep, dryness of mouth and throat with aversion to water. Relieves throbbing and heat in head; headache. Relieves red, bluish-red, hot, swollen, shining face; eyes feel swollen. Relieves fever; sleeplessness.

Chininum sulphuricum: (Boericke) (Sulphite of Quinine) Relieves headache; violent ringing, buzzing and roaring in ears; fever and swelling of veins during fever.

Ferrum phosphoricum: (Boericke) (Phosphate of Iron) Relieves bronchitis of young children. Relieves sore head; red, inflamed eyes; earache; sore throat; swollen tonsils; fever.

Hepar sulphuris calcareum: (Boericke) (Hahnemann’s Calcium Sulphide) Relieves glandular swellings. For infected sinus; sneezing; stitches in throat extending to the ear when swallowing; hawking up of mucus; hoarseness; dry, hoarse cough; fever.

Mercurius corrosivus: (Boericke) (Mercuric Chloride) Relieves headache, congestion of head; rawness and smarting in nostrils; post-nasal swelling; mucous membrane dry. Relieves red, swollen, painful, intensely inflamed throat; fever.

Natrum muriaticum: (Boericke) (Chloride of Sodium) For certain forms of intermittent fever; weakness felt in morning in bed; dry mucous membranes; headache; nausea; sinus inflammation; stoppage of nose. Relieves fever.

Nux vomica: (Boericke) (Poison-nut) For stuffed up nose; stuffy colds, snuffles; arid discharge, but with stuffed-up feeling. Relieves rough, scraped feeling in throat; stitches into ear. Relieves catarrhal hoarseness with scraping in throat; cough; shallow respiration. Relieves fever, chills.

Phosphorus: (Boericke) (Phosphorus) For irritation, inflammation and degenerates of mucous membranes; inflammation of the respiratory tract; chronic catarrh in the nose. Relieves hoarseness, cough from tickling in throat; pneumonia. Relieves fever and profuse perspiration, chills in evening.

Pulsatilla: (Boericke) (Wind Flower) Relieves stoppage of nostrils and pressing pain at root of nose; yellow mucus. Relieves hoarseness; dry cough; pressure upon the chest and soreness; fever, chills.

Sarcolacticum acidum: (Boericke) (Sarcolactic Acid) Of value in Epidemic influenza. Relieves muscular weakness, tired feeling, sore feeling all over. Relieves restlessness at night, difficulty in getting to sleep. Relieves sore throat, tickling in throat, nausea.

Sulphur: (Boericke) (Sublimated Sulphur) Relieves heaviness and fullness in head and headaches. For herpes across the nose. Relieves burning in throat. Relieves difficult respiration, cough, much rattling of mucus, oppression as of a load on chest. Relieves fever.

Some Additional Health Tips:

Keep well adjusted. Not only regular adjustments, but always seek to work with practitioners that continue to seek a continued refining of the adjustment. These are Doctors that continue to learn additional refining to care and adjusting techniques. I encourage some forms of communicating with the body, such as applied Kinesiology, Tofness Instrument, Leg Length Communications, Electronic communications, etc. When you develop more refined ways to communicate with innate intelligence within, you continue to find more solutions to the causes behind the evolution of disease. Enjoy your journey.

Eat well. Find healthy whole foods and avoid refined and adulterated foods that are GMO and chemically contaminated. Also learn what foods you may have allergy or sensitivity to that cause inflammation and disfunction within you.

Think well. The sky is not falling in the 21st Century. We can all facilitate our power and ability to adapt. See my book, “The Healing Revolution.”

Keep your nose clean and moist. A major factor for susceptibility of the flu and head colds is the drying out of our nasal mucus membranes. In our mucus membranes live our mast cells that are our first line of defense to viruses in our nose. Both flu and rhino viruses that cause head colds enter into our body through our nose. When the heaters kick on from fall, winter to spring, the heat significantly dries out the relative humidity in our homes and inside environments. I always have my patients measure the humidity in their homes and have humidifiers either built into the central heat, or independent, to keep the relative humidity about 40. This prevents our noses from drying out and helps keep our mast cells in our mucus membranes active, preventing both flu and rhinoviruses from manifesting.

A Quick Differential Diagnosis Between the Flu and a Cold:


· Comes on more suddenly

· Much more intense symptoms

· Puts you flat on your back, horizontal

· Symptoms of fever, chills, muscle aches, exhaustion, flushed face, headaches, vomiting and or diarrhea, can move to the lungs and bronchial areas


· Comes on slower

· Less intense symptoms

· Still functional, vertical and able to move about

· Symptoms of head and nasal congestion, headache, sinus, cough, can move to the lungs and bronchial areas.

Another realm of increased virus exposure in in the chronic virus realm that includes, Herpes Simplex Viruses 1 and 2 Herpes Viruses 6 and 7 (70-90%) of the human population, Epstein-Barr Virus, Human Cytomegalovirus, Varicella-Zoster Virus (Chickenpox), Measles Virus, Human Papovaviruses (70-80%) of adults, Prions, GI Enteroviruses and Reoviruses, Hepatitis Viruses, Adenoviruses, Parvoviruses, Human Papillomaviruses (HPV), Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV),

The above chronic viruses and homeopathy will be the subject of a future article.

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