Faster, More Dynamic Results for Sports Injuries and Performance

Posting Date:  Jul 28, 2019
Chiropractors who can help their athletic and sport enthusiast patients with safe and effective performance enhancement, rapid healing from injuries, inflammation, bruising, pain relief and prevention, will quickly riseto the doctor of greatest demand and esteem.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin are readily available for pain relief, but can cause damaging side effects. Prescription pain medications offer temporary relief, but are typically accompanied by a list of contraindications, and have been linked to an increased risk of strokes, heart attacks, addiction, and other harmful side effects. In these instances, the side effects of these medicines can be far more serious than the condition being treated. In response, safe, effective alternatives to allopathic medicine are on the rise, as chiropractors, integrative health practitioners and their patients seek safer, healthier solutions.

As a chiropractor, you take the whole person perspective in solving any health problem. This includes the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of health. Nutritional supplements offer biochemical support. I encourage you to also include the application of the effective and safe bioenergetic approach that homeopathy offers. I have found that homeopathic Arnica montanaoffers safe and effective relief for trauma and pain associated with any injury, including those from sports. The use of homeopathic remedies can positively enhance your practice as you work with a variety of patients, from young children, to professional athletes, to seniors.

Faster results can be achieved using advanced homeopathic arnica remedies.They can dynamically:

a. Increase your percentage and speed of results

b. Proactively prevent injuries

c. Proactively enhance sports performance

d. Help with chronic recurring and degenerative conditions

e. Eliminate the healing crisis

I want to share with you 20 homeopathic remedies I have found most effective over my 40 years integrating homeopathy into my sports enhancement portion of practice. With so much information, I will put an emphasis on the arnica research. Then I will share an an abbreviated repertory of clinical results from materia medicas as a short proof of claims.

Arnica montana, or leopard’s bane, has been used since the 1500s for its varied healing properties. Arnica has been used for centuries in treating soreness, sprains, bruises and traumatic injury. Specifically, homeopathic Arnica has gained attention in recent years for its pain-soothing and inflammation-reducing qualities.

Homeopathy has a history that goes back more than 200 years, and is based on the well-known Law of Similars: “Like cures like.” Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician and chemist, was the first to organize and expand upon this knowledge, developing a system now called “homeopathy.” He found that when natural substances from plants, minerals, or animals were taken in a toxic dose, which produced a set of symptoms in a healthy person, that the same substance, in an extremely diluted and potentized form, given to a person ill with those symptoms, would help the person overcome the illness quickly and safely. Arnica montana, for example, has been shown in various materia medicas, to act (in its raw herbal form) on the muscular and cellular tissues and tendons, producing symptoms like those someone would receive from an injury. It also works on the capillaries and can stimulate their absorbent power. A feeling of being bruised or sore is one of Arnica’s main characteristics.

Therefore, following these indications, homeopathy uses the ultradilution and potentization of Arnica montana to treat the same symptoms of bruising, soreness and inflammation. When prepared homeopathically, Arnica has no negative side effects and is safe for anyone - from babies to seniors. Because of its solid history, homeopathic Arnica has gained popularity as a pain reliever, which has spurred more clinical studies.

Positive Research Studies

Homeopathic Arnica formulations have undergone a number of studies and double-blind tests. These results have shown a measurable benefit in reducing pain and inflammation. Some of the studies involve the typical homeopathic solution that is taken internally via pill or liquid dilution, and some involve the use of Arnica as a topical cream or gel. However, there are two forms of topical Arnica on the market. One is the herbal form that is made with the herbal extract of the Arnica flower and mixed with a gel or cream. The other is the homeopathic form which is also made from the extract, but diluted and shaken (succussed) and then infused into a cream or gel for topical use. Neither of these topical forms should be ingested, as they may cause nausea and other reactions. However, studies on these topical forms have shown very positive results.

One trial used 53 patients to study whether topical Arnica montana cream would decrease subjective leg pain following calf raises. After applying the Arnica cream and the placebo cream to opposite calf muscles, the subjects were asked to use a scale to rate the pain at 24, 48, and 72 hours after exercising. The study showed that after the doing the leg raises and applying the Arnica cream that the pain was significantly less up to 24 hours later.

Three placebo-controlled, double-blind, sequential clinical trials done on patients receiving three different types of knee surgery found that in all three trials, homeopathic Arnica made a difference in postoperative swelling and pain.

Another study of 82 marathon runners found that homeopathic Arnica helped ease muscle soreness.

In one trial, both Arnica gel andhomeopathic Arnica tablets were given to 37 patients with carpal tunnel release surgery. The 2002 study measured grip strength, wrist size, and pain levels. The conclusion was that although the grip strength and wrist size were the same as the placebo group, the pain levels were significantly less for those who ingested the homeopathic Arnica tablets in addition to using the topical Arnica gel.

A clinical trial conducted in 2008 treated 204 patients with osteoarthritis in their hands. One group used Arnica gel while the other group used ibuprofen 3 times per day. After 21 days it was found that Arnica gel was equally effective as ibuprofen in treating pain intensity, functionality, and stiffness of the hands.

In another double-blind, randomized study, it was found that topical Arnica ointment reduced bruising in patients who had been subjected to a pulsed dye laser.

With homeopathic Arnica's history of success, an increasing number of doctors are using it to relieve mild to intense pain and bruising following surgeries and injuries. It is helpful for inflammation, bruising, soreness, and speeding up recovery time. Arnica is an important first aid remedy, primarily for its ability to minimize pain, inflammation, bruising, and even bleeding. It is recommended to take the internal homeopathic form 3 times per day for chronic conditions. Acute pain and new injuries can be treated every ten minutes as needed, with the time period between doses increasing as the pain and swelling subsides.

I know many coaches and fitness specialists who rely on Arnica to help their team members ease pain, soreness, and aftershock from muscle strains or sprains. The use of Arnica is commonplace among weight lifters and runners. Arnica can minimize sore muscles and stiffness, and reduce the discomfort of strained ligaments.

Given the evidence in studies and personal trials, Arnica montana has strong historical validation as a pain and inflammation reliever. More research may be crucial to help solidify the impact that Arnica montana can offer. An FDA Registered OTC drug since 1938, homeopathic Arnica has no reported negative drug interactions and has been deemed safe for patients who take other medications in addition to Arnica.

Recommended Advanced Arnica Protocols

1. Using the whole plant. Using an Arnica product that uses the whole plant has a significant therapeutic benefit. The whole plant is the stem, the root, the leaf, the bud, and the flower. Each of these parts of the plant provides a unique therapeutic benefit.

2. Using multiple potencies.In my research, I have discovered the significant benefit of using multiple potencies of each remedy being administered. The lower homeopathic potencies (6X, 6C) address the more superficial aspects of an injury. The middle range homeopathic potencies (30X, 30C) better address the internal or glandular support needed for healing. The higher homeopathic potencies (LM potencies) address deeper weaknesses and even genetic predispositions to a disease or injury. The LM potencies also address the mental and emotional components that are often associated with chronic and recurring injuries. An Arnica product with multiple potencies provides a broad and powerful spectrum of therapeutic benefits.

3. Using multiple deliveries. I use homeopathic arnica orally, topically and olfactorily. With a spray, all three deliveries can be achieved with one product. Your patient can use the spray orally, and then spray it topically over the affected area. For added benefit, have your patient spray the air in front of their face and simply breathe in through the nose, a small amount of the mist. When inhaled, homeopathic Arnica directly impacts the frontal lobes of the brain and the limbic system, providing the deepest therapeutic actions upon the body. Additional benefit can be gained by using a natural based homeopathic Arnica creams as a topical complements to spray products. Using multiple ingredients, multiple high potencies and multiple deliveries priorities and compounding of multiple results that can never be achieved with a single arnica remedy.

Ingredients to Improve Muscle Definition, Strength, Size and Tone

The following 20 homeopathic ingredients are my top remedies for improving performance results. They offer powerful long lasting results and are safe for all ages and both sexes. The abbreviated proof of claims will provide a quick reference to indications for use.

Adrenalinum: (Adrenalin) (Boericke’s) Its chief action is as a messenger in the regulation of the activities of the body. It powerfully enhances adrenal glands thus improving muscle gain and definition, increases circulation, promotes energy, clearer thinking, greater sense of wellbeing, and especially improves the body’s ability to deal with stress. Adrenal exhaustion, unhealthy weight loss or gain, nausea, low blood sugar, low blood pressure, lethargy, inability to cope with stress, discoloration and brownish pigmentation of the skin, skin freckles become abnormally dark, hair darkens, dark striations appear on the nails, body hair decreases, circulation is reduced and the person always feels cold. Thyroid imbalance characterized by an underactive metabolism. The thyroid affects all glands and everybody process of metabolism, digestion, nervous energy, irritability, shakiness, perspiration, tiredness, inability to rest adequately, hair loss, unhealthy weight loss, or gain, rapid heartbeat, and climate sensitivity.

Alfalfa:(Boericke’s) (California Clover) Greatly influences nutrition. “Tones up” the appetite and digestion giving improved mental and physical vigor. Promotes a general feeling of well being dissipating all blues and improves sleep.

Avena sativa: (Boericke’s) (Common Oat) Favorably influences the nutritional function in the brain and nervous system. Provides tremendous relief for nervous exhaustion. For relief of male impotency. Helps improve strength of hands. Numbness of limbs. For inability to keep mind on any one subject.

Baryta carbonica:(Boericke’s) (Carbonate of Baryta) Helps restore normal heart functions. For loss of memory and mental weakness. For lost confidence, confusion, bashful, and aversion to strangers. For relief of diminished sexual desire and prevents premature impotence. Reduces enlarged prostate. Prevents painful soles when walking. Prevents pain in joints and burning pains in lower limbs. (Clarke’s) A powerful remedy for great weakness, pains in joints, cramping like pressure or pulling, tension in legs, burning pains, itching in the thighs, cramps in calves and toes on stretching out the limbs.

Baryta iodata: (Boericke’s) (Iodide of Baryta) A profound acting remedy on the lymphatic system.

Baryta muriatica: (Boericke’s) (Barium Chloride) Effectively acts on muscles, joints, and prevents stiffness. Useful for general feeling of weakness in the morning, especially weakness of the legs.

Calcarea carbonica: (Boericke’s) (Carbonate of Lime) Provides its main action on the glands, skin, and bones. It covers the tickling, cough, fleeting chest pains, nausea, acidity, and dislike of fat. Gets out of breath easily. For anxiety with palpitation. For aversion to work, or exertion. For mental apprehension, forgetful, confused and low-spirited. For headaches from overlifting, mental exertion with nausea. For unhealthy skin.

Calcarea fluorica: (Boericke’s) (Fluoride of lime) A powerful tissue remedy for glands, varicose and enlarged veins, and malnutrition of bones. For relief of nausea. For relief of acute indigestion from fatigue and brain-fag. Much flatulence. Prevents fissures or cracks in hands, prevents hard skin. For improved sleep.

Calcarea phosphorica: (Boericke’s) (Phosphate of Lime) One of the most important tissue remedies.Especially great for bones. Great for stiffness, pain in joints and bones. Is especially useful when symptoms worsen with change of weather.

Lycopodium clavatum:(Boericke’s) (Club Moss)Is a great remedy for digestive powers. Great for skin, wrinkles and yellowish spots on skin. For poor circulation and cold extremities. For extremely sensitive minds, loss of self-confidence, constant fear of breaking down under stress, apprehensive, weak memory, confused thoughts, failing brain-power and sadness in morning on awaking.

Thuja occidentalis:(Boericke’s) (Arbor Vitae) Acts on skin, blood, gastro-intestinal tract, kidneys and brain. For relief of fixed ideas, emotional sensitiveness. For muscular twitchings, weakness, trembling, cracking in joints and pain in heels. For persistent insomnia.

Sports Performance Enhancement Ingredients

Arnica montana: Boericke’s (Leopard’s Bane) A great muscular tonic. Relieves soreness after overexertion and relieves sprained, dislocated feeling.

Kali carbonicum: Clarke’s (Carbonate of Potassium) Provides great relief of stiffness of nape of neck, tension, tearing, pulling in muscles and joints of shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. Relieves stiffness in joints of elbows, wrists, hands and finger pains. Relieves pulling pains in hip joints, legs, feet and toes.

Kali phosphoricum: Clarke’s (Phosphate of Potassium) For relief of weak, tired and painful legs and back. Relieves drawing pain in back and limbs. Relieves drawing pains from soles to knees and from shoulders to head.

Lacticum acidum: Clarke’s (DL-Lactic Acid) Helps prevent excess lactic acid buildup.

Natrum phosphoricum: Boericke’s (Phosphate of Sodium) This remedy is for conditions arising from excess of lactic acid, often resulting from too much sugar. For weariness in back, aches in wrists, finger-joints and hamstrings soreness.

Quebracho: Boericke’s (White Quebracho Bark; Aspidosperma) Useful for heart and lungs. Stimulates respiratory centers, increases oxygen absorption and removes carbonic acid build up in body tissues.

Rhus toxicodendron: Clarke’s (Poison-ivy) Relief from swelling, stiffness and paralyzed sensations in joints from sprains, over-lifting or over-stretching. Also for relief of morning stiffness and pain.

Sarcolacticum acidum: Boericke’s (L-Lactic Acid) This remedy relieves the acid that is formed in muscle tissue during the stage of muscle exhaustion that differs from ordinary lactic acid. Relieves stiffness of thighs and calves and relieves cramping in calves.

Zincum oxydatum:Clarke’s (Zinc Oxide) For relief of tension in muscles and painful sensation during movement.

By using these treatment protocols, you will experience the dynamic results that homeopathic remedies can offer your chiropractic practice. I encourage you to begin applying the many benefits of homeopathy for your patients with pain or injuries. The use of homeopathic remedies will also improve your patients' overall health and sports performance.

Dr. Frank King, a doctor of naturopathy and chiropractic, is a nationally recognized researcher, homeopath, speaker, naturalist, and the author of The Healing Revolution. He is also the founder and president of King Bio, an FDA-registered natural pharmaceutical manufacturer.

SafeCareRx, his high-potency professional line, is exclusively used in offices and clinics nationwide by chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, and medical doctors. With a background in natural health care spanning 40 years, Dr. King shares a wealth of knowledge and insights regarding how practitioners can become even more effective with unique healing techniques, and how contemporary homeopathic remedies can enhance all other healing modalities.


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