Desensitize your Patients Allergies with Homeopathy and Healing Techniques

Posting Date:  Apr 17, 2019

If you’ve never suffered from seasonal allergies or allergic rhinitis, it may be hard to comprehend how much the condition can dominate your patient’s life. The violent and uncontrollable sneezing, head congestion, headaches, sinusitis, constantly running or stuffy nose, the red, swollen eyes, itching, and the general feeling of being miserable are hard to convey unless you’ve been through it yourself.

Nasal allergies afflict 50 million Americans.[1] Allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S. with an annual cost of $18 billion.[2] Allergy prevalence overall has been increasing since the early 1980s across all age, sex and racial groups.[3]

Spinal adjustments are a valuable component of correction for patients with allergic rhinitis, but it may be hit-or-miss because there are the following additional components to the cause. This article will introduce you to some powerful ways to make your positive results more dramatic and consistent.

After resolving your patients’ allergic reactions, they will praise your name far and wide, bringing you even more patients to help.

What are the Reasons for Sneezin’ Season?

One reason that allergies are on the rise is because pollen counts are also rising. According to USDA researchers and more, climate change has caused some plants to produce much more pollen than they did in the past – even 200% more. In addition, researchers predict that current pollen levels will double by 2040![4]

As pollen levels have risen, so have exposures to environmental toxins. Never before in human history have so many untested (as well as those proven dangerous) chemicals been unleashed on humankind and the environment.

More than 80,000 human-made chemicals circulate in the world, many hidden in forms such as body care and cleaning products, chemicals in upholstery, herbicides and pesticides sprayed on food, industrial chemicals that have polluted water systems, and dangerous chemicals in conventional drug products used in human and animal populations. Plus, GMO crops have pervaded our food supply, perverted super pollen, and have been shown to cause more allergies.[5]

All of this toxic burden hobbles the immune system. But that’s not all that suppresses it…

Poor dietary choices also impair health. A high-carbohydrate, high-sugar diet is the favorite fuel for yeast-like funguses. When fungus overgrows in your patient’s gut, it crowds out their good bacteria. This negatively impacts your patient’s immune system, their first line of defense against allergies.

Not only does yeast overgrowth depress the immune system, but it also leads to leaky gut, another major cause of allergic reactions to foods and pollen.

Typical Allergy Assistance

Sufferers seek solutions. Turning to conventional, allopathic drugs for allergy symptom relief carries risks of negative side effects, such as: headache, hives, drowsiness, racing heart, nervousness,dizziness, insomnia, and dry mouth. Research has linked allopathic allergy medications to potential increased cancer risk. In addition, some allergy drugs put extra stress on the heart, liver and kidneys, and mixing allergy drugs with alcohol can even be fatal.

Those who choose natural solutions for allergy symptom control, such as consuming local honey and bee pollen, or taking herbal supplements, report varying degrees of success.

Or, natural solution seekers may boost their immune systems with vitamin supplements, which may help, depending on the vitamin’s purity and specific actions. (Some immune-boosting supplements, however, can make allergies worse by stimulating the already overactive part of the immune system.)

Unique safe and effective natural solutions are not as well known. But you are about to become one who is in-the-know…

Amplify Your Allergy Armamentarium by Correcting the Causes

Homeopathy is a specific form of natural medicine that is safe. It is registered by the FDA as a pharmaceutical drug product, yet it has no known side effects, and much different than allopathic drugs.

Homeopathic remedies are made through a series of ultra-dilutions and succussions (vigorous shaking), which create the potentization process (potencies). This process creates a remedy that safely transmits the energetic information from the substance to the body’s energy field, even when, at higher potencies, physical molecules are no longer present in the remedy. The energetic imprint of the substance still resonates there as a frequency, which the body can recognize.

When the body’s energy field interacts with the correct homeopathic remedies, the body’s natural, innate ability to heal is activated to overcome the health imbalance at its core cause.

In the past, homeopaths were (and still are, 200+ years later) criticized by skeptics who believed that such a diluted medicine could not possibly work.

Today, modern, scientific equipment that can measure frequency resonance is proving that homeopathic remedies do affect the body positively, even when no physical molecules of the substance remain in the remedy.[6]

Homeopathic medicine is the perfect medicine – it contains enough of the resonant frequency “information” from the original substance to awaken the body to overcome the problem at its core causes, but too few physical molecules to cause any negative side effects.

Allergy Desensitization Technique - Instructions for the doctor to perform and teach to their patients.

Click Here for a PDF file of the Allergy Desensitization Technique

The chart shows key points that can affect the body's control network, especially along the spine. This technique balances your patient’s immune system and corrects weaknesses in his or her 12 systems, using:

· Spinal intrinsic muscles and nerve control points over top of the vertebra

· Acupuncture associated alarm points, 2 finger widths lateral to the spinous processes

· Neuro-lymphatic reflex points, over top of the vertebra

Instructions for combining this technique with advanced homeopathy:

1. Massage vigorously all along the spinal column, points and find the tender areas, massaging longer on any tender points along the way.

2. Circle any tender spots with a nontoxic marker to use as an educational tool when teaching your patients with their family and friends.

3. Spray the tender areas with a pure water based homeopathic allergy formula and continue massaging.

4. Have your patient take the homeopathic allergy formula as directed.

5. At follow-up appointments, repeat technique until all tender spots are resolved. Have your patient bring in a friend or family member interested in health. Show them how to perform the technique and refine their implementation of the technique. This education will bring multiple new patients into your practice.

This technique activates your patient’s homeostatic control networks to desensitize their specific allergens. And it works beautifully.

Click this link to see a video of a lay version of this technique.

Become the Doctor of the Future

Today’s health challenges are complex. With all the factors amplifying allergic reactions, what will set you apart from other doctors in your area are the results you can bring your patients. By combining the Allergy Desensitization Technique above with advanced, contemporary homeopathy, you will multiply the tools in your armamentarium to ensure that you can help your patients reach optimal health.

Without the valuable components of homeopathy, other treatments (whether chiropractic, nutritional, or conventional) may not correct the malfunctions within the energetic and metabolic control systems of the patient’s body.

Homeopathy equips us as chiropractors to go beyond the parameters of the biochemical realm of life and correct interferences within the bioenergetic control systems of our body. Chiropractic also helps correct nerve interferences within the control networks of the body. Yet homeopathic remedies can reach more deeply into the mental, emotional, and physical control networks of the body, where the hands of the chiropractor cannot reach.

Combining chiropractic and contemporary homeopathy is easy to implement and will amplify your armamentarium, help you deliver stellar results, and make you the doctor everyone wants to see.

Enjoy the journey!

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About the Author:

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[3] “CDC Fast Facts A-Z,” Vital Health Statistics, 2003

[4] Current pollen counts are expected to double by 2040. -- Rutgers University research, 2012,