Chiropractic & Homeopathy: Tried & True Healing Techniques for Pain Relief

Posting Date:  Mar 17, 2019

This is a wonderful time for natural therapies such as chiropractic, especially for the doctor also willing to integrate safe, natural homeopathic remedies that not only provide relief, but also address underlying causes.

Large numbers of consumers are finally aware and looking for natural alternatives after the sad epidemic of opioid deaths, which shook their faith in the allopathic model of “a pill for every ill.”

There’s a lot to be said for the safe, natural, “tried and true” methods that have passed the greatest tests of all, the “tests of time and adversity.” Both practices, chiropractic and homeopathy, have passed those essential tests.

I want to share three healing techniques that have passed those tests: the origin-insertion, Golgi tendon, and spindle cell techniques, and how they can simply and easily be integrated with homeopathy for optimal results.

The Origin-Insertion Technique

This technique quickly restores the integrity and functional support to the joint. The origin and insertion (or beginning and end) of the muscle attaches to the bone. Stress, strain, and sprain trauma via the tendons will cause the tendons to pull away from the bone and muscle, creating weakness of the muscle and the support of the joint.

Tenderness elicited by pressing digitally indicates micro-trauma that will become a major trauma if not corrected. Feeling small, tender lumps in this junction where the tendon attaches to the bone indicates the need for the origin-insertion technique.[1] Without this restorative technique, a new, or more serious injury to the joint is just waiting to happen.

The technique simply involves finding tender areas in and around the joint by palpation. The sore areas may feel like “BB-sized” nodules. When found, apply concentrated, brisk, deep, circular manipulation on those tender nodules. As the nodules are gradually worked out over time, the tendon actually reattaches to the bone and muscle, thus restoring full functionality to the support of the joint.

Here’s a video demonstration (a lay version) of how I taught my patients to use the Origin-Insertion Technique. Please feel free to modify it according to your needs and apply and teach this empowering technique to your patients. My patients found it very helpful for me to perform the technique on them and show them how to repeat the treatment themselves, feeling for the tender areas.

To improve the results, apply a homeopathic pain spray or cream over the involved tender origin and insertions before applying the circular motions. You will combine the therapeutic powers of your hands-on technique and the broad-spectrum active ingredients of homeopathy to provide the greatest results and correction of the problem.

The same therapeutic empowerment is true when using homeopathy in the next two techniques.

Golgi Tendon Technique

The Golgi tendons attach the muscles to the bones. An average of 10 to 15 muscle fibers are attached to each Golgi tendon organ.

Applying this technique strengthens the attachments between the muscle and tendon. Here’s how:

Using the palms of both hands, position one palm at the Golgi tendon origin, and one near the insertion. Apply firm, direct pressure over the two areas and push each hand longitudinally toward the belly of the muscle. You only need to push toward the belly of the muscle about four to five inches on either side. Repeat five to seven times to strengthen the tendon support.


Neuromuscular Spindle Cell Technique

The neuromuscular spindle cells are found in the belly of the muscle. The neuromuscular spindle cells monitor the length of the muscle, while the Golgi tendon organ monitors its tension.

To perform this technique, place both hands on the belly of the muscle, right next to each other. Press down firmly, get some good traction, and push the spindle cells in the belly of the muscle with a longitudinal motion toward each end of the muscle, as if you are spreading the belly of the muscle toward each end. This technique strengthens the muscle and greatly support the joint. Repeat five to seven times.

Using a homeopathic musculoskeletal topical pain cream or spray over the above described areas will dramatically and dynamically improve patient results. Keep these homeopathic remedies in your treatment rooms to use and demonstrate to your patients.

Sending your patients home with the homeopathic pain remedies, basic instructions, and demonstrations on applying these three techniques will make you the talk of the town, providing results other practitioners cannot come close to.

More Empowering Techniques Combining Chiropractic & Homeopathy

Contemporary, pure-water based homeopathy, as I discussed in previous articles on this website, Empowering the Chiropractor with Homeopathy and Homeopathy is Like Chiropractic in a Bottle, may be used three different ways.

I always instructed my patients to use their water-based homeopathic remedy first orally (to correct nerve interferences from the inside out). Next, spray the homeopathic remedy topically [2] (to correct from the outside in). And finally, via the olfactory method, by spraying a mist in front of the face and breathing in a small amount through the nose. This method takes the remedies directly to the frontal cortex of the brain, helping to positively affect the limbic system by resetting the control networks of the entire body.

You can dynamically increase the power and potential of homeopathy using formulations containing multiple synergistic ingredients in multiple potencies, especially the LM potencies. In addition, using multiple delivery systems all provide additional therapeutic results the other methods cannot.

Empowering Your Patients

The Latin word for “doctor” means “teacher.” It’s my passion to share the tried and true, empowering tools and techniques of chiropractic and homeopathy for both practitioner and patient.

As Thomas Edison famously said, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will instruct his or her patients in care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

I encourage you to teach your patients how to implement these techniques between visits. Explain that the more proactive they become, the more preventative they will be. They can prevent small micro-traumas from turning into future major injuries.

I have found, in my 40+ years of practical, clinical experience, that the more you educate and equip your patients with these healing tools, the more they will show-and-tell others and refer more patients to you.

Cheers to chiropractors using the powerful adjunct of homeopathy. You are the “doctors of the future” using safe, tried and true methods for natural pain relief by correcting the causes!

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About the Author:

Dr. Frank King, a doctor of naturopathy and chiropractic, is a nationally recognized researcher, homeopath, speaker, naturalist, and the author of The Healing Revolution.He is also the founder and president of King Bio, an FDA-registered natural pharmaceutical manufacturer.

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[1] Frost, Robert. (2002). Applied Kinesiology, 101. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books

[2] Never spray into the eyes.