Advanced Detoxifiction and Desensitization of Toxins with Homeopathy and New Healing Techniques

Posting Date:  May 14, 2019

Toxins are a real and logical cause of the escalation of disease today. To survive and thrive in the 21st Century, the proactive management of toxins are essential in the treatment and prevention of disease.

Historically, mercury toxicity used in the medical treatment called “Mercury Purging” was found to be the cause of the devastating condition, “Mad Hatters Disease”. Lead toxicity from leaded pipes was found to be the major cause of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.

Today, we have an alarming increase of over 80,000 human made chemicals added into our environment since the Industrial Revolution including our air, water, food, drugs, cosmetics, electronics, homes and workplaces encroaching every realm of our lives. These radical changes require a major adaptation of all the living species beyond anything ever experienced in the history of this world. Our abilities to adapt will require a proactive intervention of products and healing techniques that awaken our incredible innate abilities detoxify and restore homeostasis.

I have been focused on the detoxification of our patients including animals and the environment for over 40 years. we build an environmentally green wing on our clinic in 1980 to manage what was called clinical ecology patients at that time. These were people who have become environmentally sensitive. Some had to wear breathing machines on their backs to go out into the world. We have learned a lot over the past 40 years as far as what works and what doesn’t work.

We all have to process and eliminate toxins every day. People that become knowingly toxic and go through various detox diets, cleanses and programs have a common tendency to become toxic again and again. The primary reason for this is that our detoxification pathways break down and we easily become toxic again in a vicious cycle. I have implemented about every fast, flush and cleanse available for many years. The key to correcting the causes goes deeper than just living a pure diet and lifestyle. The key is implementing the homeopathic drainage remedies. Homeopathic drainage remedies awaken and activate our body’s inner abilities to eliminate toxins.

I will share with you in this article the two simplest and most effective tools to help not only the super sensitive, but all of us because we all are being affected by toxicity whether we know it or not. Toxicity is directly connected to the vast escalation of both minor and major disease, especially chronic recurring diseases.

The two simplest and most effective tools are homeopathy and the desensitization technique that I will explain.

Homeopathy works differently than nutrition or herbs. Homeopathy works deep within our bioenergetic control networks like our nervous system and acupuncture system to awaken our innate ability to heal. Homeopathy activates our vital forces to function much like the Chiropractic adjustment clears nerve interferences and Acupuncture activates Chi so we can heal.

Homeopathic drainage remedies work to awaken and activate our inner abilities to detoxify, including the functions of our liver, lymphatic system, blood, skin and kidneys. Homeopathic drainage remedies work in the following ways:

1. Pulls specific toxins out of our body. Many of the homeopathic remedies are the specific or similar toxins. For example, the high dilutions or potentization of a homeopathic remedy may include mercury, lead, aluminum, arsenic and many more. Potentized homeopathically, the specific homeopathic toxin will awaken our body to recognize and eliminate the toxic accumulation within us.

2. Awakens our body’s control systems to recognize foreign human made toxins.

3. Activates our ability to develop new detoxification pathways to better eliminate, by accelerating our adaptative transformations, to more effectively evolve in our drastic environmental changes.

4. Activates our abilities to stop the foreign human made toxins from entering our body and keep us more resistant to a toxic world.

5. Desensitizes our allergic reactions and sensitivities to toxins.

6. Prevents recurring toxicities.

7. Empowers us with greater adaptative abilities in a vastly changing world.

Homeopathic remedies are made through a labor-intensive series of ultra-dilutions and successions (vigorous shaking), which create the potentization process (potencies like 10X, 30X & LM1) that indicate the number of serial dilutions. The more the dilutions the deeper the remedy acts within the body. For example, a 10X works more so in the superficial realm like a bruise, sprain, cut or scrape. A 30X works deeper within the gland and organ functions of the body. The LM1 works even deeper to correct our mental, emotional and genetic predispositions we have inherited as deep as 10 generations into our family tree.

The potentization process creates a remedy that safely transmits the energetic information from the substance to the body’s energy field, even when a potency 24X or higher (Avogadro’s Number) has none of the original physical molecules. The energetic imprint from the potentization process resonates the frequency, which the body can recognize and therapeutically utilize.

When the body’s energetic control networks respond to the homeopathic remedies, the body’s innate abilities to heal are awoken and activated to correct the health imbalance at its core cause. Homeopathy fills in the holes in our wholeness.

Today modern scientific equipment can measure frequency resonance , proving how powerfully homeopathic remedies positively correct our health issues, even when no physical molecules of the substance remain in the remedy.[1]

Allergy & Toxicity Desensitization Technique – Instructions for the doctor to perform and teach to their patients.

Click Here for a PDF file of the Allergy Desensitization Technique

The chart shows key points that restore the body’s control networks, primararly along the spine. This technique resets and balances your patient’s 12 control systems using:

1. Spinal intrinsic muscles and nerve control points over top of the vertebra.

2. Acupuncture associated alarm points, 2 finger widths lateral to the spinous processes.

3. Neuro-Lymphatic Reflex points, over top of the vertebra.

Instructions for integrating this technique with advanced homeopathy:

1. Massage deeply within comfortable tolerance of the patient over top of the vertebrae (the intrinsic muscles and neuro-lymphatic reflexes) and 2 finger widths from the spinous process for the acupuncture associated points, as shown on the pdf chart. Note the tender points on a copy of the chart for reference in the patient file.

2. Spray the tender points with a pure water based homeopathic Detox formula and continue massaging until the tenderness subsides, (about 30-60 seconds).

3. You can mark the tender points with a skin marker to use as an educational tool when teaching your patients with their family and friends to implement at home.

4. Have you patients take the homeopathic detox formula as directed between visits.

5. At follow-up appointments, repeat technique until all the tender spots are resolved. Have your patients bring a friend or family member interested in health. Show them how to perform the technique and refine their implementation of the technique. This education will bring multiple new patients into your practice. Remember the word Doctor in Latin for Teacher.

The Allergy & Toxicity Desensitization Technique activates your patient’s homeostatic control networks to cleanse and desensitize from allergins and toxins. The technique works very quickly and correctively to awaken our ability to detoxify and prevent recurrences so common today.

Click this link to see a lay version video of this technique.

Become the doctor of the future today

Today’s health challenges are complex. With all the factors amplifying allergy and toxicity issues, what will set you apart from other doctors are the results you bring to your patients. By combining Allergy & Toxicity Desensitization Technique with advanced homeopathy, you will multiply the tools in your armamentarium to ensure that you can help the plethora of unresolved problems plaguing our society today.

Homeopathy equips us as chiropractors to correct nerve interferences throughout the body where the hands of the chiropractor have been limited. Homeopathy also empowers us to go beyond the parameters of the biochemical realm of life and correct interferences within the bioenergetic control systems throughout the body.

Combining chiropractic, homeopathy and new healing techniques are easy to implement and will amplify your armamentarium, to deliver greater results correcting more of the causes behind the problems plaguing our society today.

About the Author:

Dr. Frank King, a doctor of naturopathy and chiropractic, is a nationally recognized researcher, homeopath, speaker, naturalist, and the author of The Healing Revolution. He is also the founder and president of King Bio, an FDA-registered natural pharmaceutical manufacturer.

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